Role: Vice President
Years served: 8

Ron Ralph

Committee affiliation
Finance Committee
Why I became a board member

My mother-in-law, Gloria Bodnar, is a founding parent of In-Pact. My brother-in-law, Bobby Bodnar, is a consumer residing in the Valparaiso group home. I was asked to join the Board approximately 8 years ago and readily accepted the offer. I have been “connected to” In-Pact since 1983. During high school and college, I provided lawn mowing services to one of the group homes, worked the summer program and even painted the old administration office that was north of the square.

What keeps me on the board

In-Pact’s mission and history of providing a much needed service to its consumers. I have known many of the consumers and their families over the past nearly four decades and have a very personal understanding and respect for the great service that In-Pact provides to the consumers and, of equal importance, the families of the consumers.

Employment History

Crowe LLP – CPA firm. I joined immediately following college and have been there for over 34 years.

Family history

Married to Kristin since 1988 (33 years); I’ve always been in awe of the relationship she has with Bobby and how much she cares about him and his quality of life. We receive so much pleasure from seeing Bobby and visiting with him – he keeps things in perspective for us!! Kristin and I have three children who are all out of college and work/live in Beverly Hills, CA and Chicago, IL. We play a lot of golf in our free time!!

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