In-Pact, Inc was founded by parents of children with autism in the late 1970’s. Formerly known as People for Autistic Citizens (PAC), the organization received their first grant to start a summer program. The program was initiated to keep children with autism engaged over summer break. As the children grew, their level of care increased. Rather than institutionalize, PAC secured additional funding to open their first, still-functioning group home in Merrillville, Indiana.

As PAC expanded, it welcomed all people with developmental disabilities. This led to the inception of In-Pact, Inc. A state grant focused on in-home care was subsequently awarded. Funding restrictions and the inability to service large quantities led to the program’s end. However, its overall success developed into a pilot program for Supported Services.

In-Pact continued to grow, opening a total of 9 group homes. Circa 1990, the State of Indiana determined group homes unfavorable and cut funding. Eventually, an instituted Medicaid waiver program allowed agencies to aid individuals within their homes and small community-based homes and apartments. This led to In-Pact’s establishment of Supported Services.

In 2008, In-Pact introduced a Community Learning Program (Clubhouse). The Clubhouse provides additional resources for Group Homes and Supported Services. High staff to individual ratio allows for more specialized attention throughout the day. The initial academic and extra-curricular services are still being offered daily.

Currently, In-Pact oversees 8 group homes and 29 Supported Service residences. Coupled with the Clubhouse and behavior support services, In-Pact provides skills needed to allow our individuals to live their best possible lives.




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