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Clubhouse Services

IN-PACT‘s Community Learning Program started in 2008, is located at our beautiful facility situated in a wooded setting.  Due to the good staff to individual ratios, the clubhouse can also benefit those individuals in need of more attention throughout the day.

The Community Learning Program is dedicated to assisting individuals with developmental disabilities achieve independence in their lives by assisting them in reaching their full potential. Our program is also able to provide volunteer opportunities within the community for our individuals who have expressed an interest in doing so.

This program is for the purpose of enriching the lives of those with disabilities.  The Clubhouse also provides a place of many interesting recreational and educational opportunities, ranging from physical activities to creative crafts. The Day program also provides many learning opportunities for our individuals, including academic and extra-curricular activities. It is an option for anyone not interested in community employment or sheltered workshop.  With a low staff ratio of 4:1, it is an ideal environment for individuals with significant behavioral and medical needs.

The Clubhouse features several rooms for varied interests, including a multipurpose room, TV room, a room for exercise with treadmill, mats and Cybex machine, craft room, coping room and full kitchen. In addition, the Clubhouse has a fenced-in patio equipped with a grill, picnic tables and a newly installed wheelchair swing.

The Community Learning Program is committed to excellence by providing the best trained staff and qualified team members to ensure quality services are provided for all of the individuals we serve.

The services we are able to provide include:

Day Services (Clubhouse)

Programmatic Services

Assisted Daily Living Education

Health and Wellness Education

Self Advocacy

Community Awareness

Community Access

Promote Social Integration

Special Olympics

Community Volunteer Services

Clubhouse Enrichment Activities:

Puzzles, Baking, Nutrition, Yoga, Academics

Crafts, Fitness, Games, Music

Clubhouse Recreational Activities:

12’ Projection TV, Field trips, Walks

Theme parties, Baseball games, Fairs

Behavior Support Services

In-Pact provides behavior support services for our group home individuals as well as supported living and in home waiver individuals.  We work with In-Pact Supported Services as well as collaborate with other residential and day program agencies in Northwest Indiana.  We offer office based therapy shaping sessions, as well as in-home services to provide sessions up to three times weekly.  The shaping sessions are implemented by a Behavior Therapist and are based on a Functional Assessment and Behavior Support Plan.  We do not have a waiting list and have the capacity to accept new individuals as referred.

Our Behavior Specialists:

Karen Warner, LCSW

Karen is the Coordinator of the Behavior Support Services Division.  She has over 20 years as a Behavior Specialist in Northwest Indiana and Chicago, and 30 years in the field of Intellectual Disabilities.  Karen has a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Valparaiso University and a Master of Social Work from Indiana University.  Karen oversees the behavior services provided, ensuring the focus remains on improving the quality of lives, and that services are grounded in best practice methodology. In addition to the ongoing services, Karen manages our Functional Analysis Clinic.  Individuals with challenging behavioral concerns can have a thorough Functional Analysis of problem behavior followed by treatment specific to the behavioral function.

Tracy Tabaczynski

Tracy has been with In-Pact since 2012.  She earned a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Master of Mental Health Counseling from Purdue University.  Tracy presents as an outstanding clinician as she is highly skilled while maintaining a “hands on” approach with each individual she serves.  Her approach allows her to understand her clients’ individual needs in a comprehensive way.

Ben Rich

Ben joined the In-Pact team in 2014.  He received his Bachelor degree in Psychology from Purdue University and Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Chatham Universityin Pittsburgh, PA.  Ben started as a Behavior Support Assistant, but now holds the position of Behavior Specialist.  Ben presents as highly empathetic with excellent analytical skills.

Nicole Massey

We welcomed Nicole to our team in August 2016.  She is a recent graduate of the IUN, with a Master of Social Work degree.  Nicole gained a strong interest in working with individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities during her master level internships.  She is presently an Assistant Behavior Specialist which allows her to build relationships with individuals while providing a layer of on-site monitoring and evaluation of our services.

Jessica Hein

Jessica joined our Behavior Support Services Department in April 2017. She is also a graduate of Indiana University with a Master of Social Work.  Jessica is our Behavior Therapist that provides in home and in office behavior therapy.  She has a well rounded social services background in case management and medical social work, working with at risk families and children, veterans and specialized medical care.

Colleen Kontos

Colleen has been a part time Behavior Specialist with In-Pact for several years.  Colleen has an extensive career of teaching and assessment within Special Education in Porter County.  She received her Master of Education degree from Valparaiso University.  Colleen’s history within this field is reflected in her outstanding clinical services.

This is our team…we invite your questions and the potential to meet the behavioral needs you may have.

Please contact:

Karen Warner, LCSW


Supported Services

In-Pact has been providing Supported Services for 20 years in Northwest Indiana.  We provide a variety of services and support to people with developmental disabilities on a daily basis.  In-Pact takes pride in being a provider of quality services from Habilitation services to monitoring healthcare needs of the individual.   In-Pact provides affordable housing for people who wish to live on their own in the community and in home staff support for people who chose to stay in theirfamily home.  These services are all provided through the State’s Medicaid Waiver Program.


Supported Living:

In-Pact provides supported living for individuals who desire to live in their own home or apartment, or cannot be cared for in the family home any longer.  Supported Living is a service that allows individuals with disabilities to live a more independent life, make their own choices, and live in a community close to their families instead of in other parts of the state.  In-Pact provides individuals with a home setting much like any family home.  Our supported living sites offer 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes and apartments that allow for people to live in a setting that they desire and that allows for them to live within their budgeted means.  One bedroom apartments may be the desired setting for someone who has the ability to care for themselves and only needs minor supports at certain times of the day or week.  In 2, 3, or 4 person settings In-Pact has the ability to provide care and support to persons with varying degrees of abilities.  A two person setting might be for people who have more need for support throughout the day, but go to a day program or work at a job in the community.  The 3 and 4 person settings would be for people who have a greater need for staff support and supervision and may have a higher need for overall care.  These settings allow for individuals to receive around the clock staffing and supervision with higher staff ratios, while being able to stay within their approved State Plan of Care allotment of hours.  Whatever the needs may be, In-Pact is able to provide the necessary care and support to help a person with developmental disabilities live and grow into a community while ensuring that the highest quality of care is provided at all times.

In-Home Services:

In-Pact also provides in home staff support for individuals who do not wish to leave their family home at this time but need support and supervision to help family members care for the individual’s needs.  In-Home Services provide an individual with support staff to help the person learn new skills, become more independent, and prepare for the potentialnext step of living on their own in Supported Living.  Staff will work with the individual and their family to schedule days and times that services will take place.  The staff will become a member of the team and take part in team meetings along with a dedicated manager who supervises the employee and directs the services that are agreed upon in team meetings.  In-Pact’s Manager is an integral part of the individual’s disciplinary team.  The manager will help write goals, train staff, ensure that all needs are met and provide a contact point for the individual and his or her family members.


In-Pact provides a variety of Medicaid Waiver funded and State approved services for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Most of the services are provided for individuals who are already approved and receiving funding through either the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver (CIH Waiver) or the Family Supports Waiver (FS Waiver).  In-Pact will at times provide services for families who only need limited staffing and who are willing to private pay for services.

In-Pact provides Residential Habilitation and Supports for individuals in Supported Living and those who live in their families home.  The types of RHS services depend on the number of hours each week a person needs and receives.  In Home services generally fall into the category of less than 35 hours per week and Supported Living falls under the category of more than 35 hours per week.  In-Pact also provides Community Habilitation for an individual.  This is known as CHIO.  It is provided to allow an individual to work on community oriented goals out in the community.  It cannot be provided in the person’s home or family home.  It is a service that is provided to help teach independent skills in a community setting.

Under the FS Waiver, In-Pact provides Personal Assistance Care (PAC), which is a service that allows for an employee of the agency to come and provide whatever assistance an individual might need.  If they need to go to the grocery store one time per week, need a ride to or from work, need to take care of their banking needs, or need to go to get their hair done. These personal needs can be taken care of with In-Pact staff providing the assistance to make sure the person’s needs are met.

Finally Respite Services can be provided under both the CIH and FS Waivers.  Respite is just like it sounds.  It is to provide an opportunity for the primary caregiver with an opportunity to have a break from the rigors of being the primary caregiver.  In-Pact will provide a trained staff person who knows the individual’s needs and plans that can come to the home and work with that person while the primary caregiver takes a well deserved night out.


If you or a loved one is in need of services, or already receive services and are looking to change providers, you may contact Supported Services Director Steve Bazin, MPA at 219-662-1905, ext. 309.  He is available to answer your questions about services between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  If he is not available leave a message and he will return your phone call.

Group Homes

In-Pact’s Group Homes conform to all Federal ICF-IO regulations and are surveyed annually and licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health. Funding for the Group Homes is through Medicaid. For those who are eligible, a daily rate covers most costs except personal items.


In-Pact welcomes and encourages family involvement, frequent home visits and participation in all program planning and development. Family support is a very valuable part of a person’s growth and success.


  • The homes provide services to children and adults with autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and other disabilities.
  • The homes are a residential alternative to large institutions for children and adults, and they enhance the consumer’s dignity and quality of life
  • The homes offer a family-like environment for up to six children or adults in each home.
  • The homes are located close to a consumer’s natural family in residential, single-family neighborhoods.
  • The homes provide a long-term nurturing environment for learning and living.
  • The homes offer intensive, individualized programming designed to allow each person to reach their fullest potential in the following area
    • behavioral management
    • communication training
    • personal hygiene
    • independent living skills
    • participation in community activities and recreation


Children participate in local special education programs. Adults participate in local employment programs and workshops.


During normal hours of operation, there are typically three staff working with up to six consumers. At night, there is always a staff person awake and on duty. Staff typically work only at one home so the consumers and staff know each other well.


All staff members are thoroughly screened prior to employment and are required to receive at least 24 hours of in-service training per year. Topics include:

  • Medication Administration
  • Behavior Modification
  • Aggression Management
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Universal Precautions
  • OSHA Regulations
  • Individual Rights
  • Consumer Protections


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